Photo: Ondra Vala Martina was born in 1982 in Klasterec nad Ohri (in the Czech Republic). After graduating from the Grammar school in Kadaň, she worked as a news editor and news presenter at the regional radio Agara in Chomutov, and then spent a year in England, where she tried out various jobs and studied English and British history and culture at a language school in Penge, London.

During her studies at the Pedagogical Faculty of the Charles University in Prague (English Language and Literature – Czech Language and Literature), completed in 2009 summa cum laude, she took up several jobs (e.g. an event organizer for visitors from the UK and Ireland), published several articles in various literary periodicals and completed a semestral Erasmus study exchange program in Dublin. At St. Patrick’s College in Dublin she also worked as a figurative model for students of the Master Program in Art Education.

After returning from abroad, she joined the Department of Languages ​​at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague as a teacher of English and Czech for foreigners. She has worked there for ten years.

She has regularly participated in internships abroad, mostly in France where she was teaching English at the ENSCR in Rennes, but she also interned in Vietnamese Hanoi in 2011, where she was teaching Czech language for Vietnamese EPU students for a month. Some of the experiences from this journey (and from the journeys she took in North Vietnam) were published in the Reflex magazine in 2013.

For several years, until 2012, she worked externally for the Centre for Learning CERMAT, creating GCE A Level tasks from the Czech Language for Deaf Students.

Until December 2019, she was the chief-editor of the non-commercial cultural portal You can read her reviews, interviews and other articles HERE.

Since June 2018 she has been publishing travel articles on a well-known Czech travel portal Since January 2020 she writes editorials and other articles for the yoga magazine

In March 2012 she released her book debut, Kolej Today, which became the best-selling book for that year in the Plejáda publishing house. The book was nominated by the publishing house for the Jiří Orten Prize and Magnesia Litera Award.

In December 2012, her novel Ztracené cesty na útěku domů appeared in bookstores.

In August 2016, Zítřek byl včera was released with the book launch ceremony taking place on 1 August 2016 on the Avoid Floating Gallery in Prague. The Czech band Zrní became the godfather of the book. 

In September 2019, Coo Boo released her fourth book, a short story collection named Plovoucí po hvězdách.

Since 2016 she has been working as a yoga and meditation instructor.

Since late June 2018 to early June 2019 she traveled the world with yoga teaching. You can read about some of her experiences at the blog HERE.

In July 2019 she co-operated with Corny CZ leading the Paddleboard + Yoga Tour in the Czech Republic.

Since December 2019, she has been living in Peru, where she was working first in a volunteer program in the field of children’s education and teaching yoga for public and where she currently continues teaching yoga and meditation and co-operates with the healers and herbalists from the jungle and the actitivists in the area of animal right protection.

Since September 2020, she has been working as a freelance copywriter, content writer and creative writer, including cooperation with, UEPO-University-Enrollment-Process-Optimization and other companies.

She likes playing the guitar, singing, dancing and making artworks (photographs, videos, mosaic mirrors, oil painting, acrylic painting, pastel drawings, decoupage etc.).